Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tweaked and on Bandcamp!

I have finally uploaded "The Music Tonight" in high quality through my Bandcamp page!

Listen and download:

Monday, April 20, 2015

That was close!

I was just about to write a post about how I lost the masters for most of the songs on my previous album (under the G7 project) "The Music Tonight." This would have meant I wouldn't be uploading it due to the absence of some tracks in lossless format. On a hunch, I checked an old folder on my hard drive that I used to sometimes store mix-downs of my music years ago. I indeed found the missing two songs in a better format. Here's what I have to work with and convert:

1. Tech It (WAV found in that folder) ← I was mainly worried about that one.
2. Magnetic Trance (FLAC properly archived) ← Needs normalization
3. Fire (High quality compressed WMA found in that folder)
4. Alone in the Fall (FLAC properly archived)

But Clay, why couldn't you go into your DAW and make new mixes?
I wish I could, but due to some software and compatibility changes, most of the DAW masters can no longer be opened in my current hardware/software configuration. The main two specifics are missing software synths and my DAC not being cooperative with Sonar. I'm sure I could emulate the old environment and POSSIBLY get into them again, but that's not worth it considering I have the HQ mix-downs and no need to remix or remaster the songs in any great length.

Look out on my Bandcamp for the re-release. Up next is the remastered version of "Power Links," an experimental album containing my early sound experiments. Thank goodness I still have the whole thing in WAV. Maybe after that I'll remaster "Polydynamic" with genuine FM hardware. I still have most of the original tracker files and what's missing can be somewhat easily recreated. Too bad that Aztech card of mine has the crappiest OPL chip ever...